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Managing Broker for LoKation Real Estate
Richardson serves as the Managing Broker for LoKation Real Estate. Her day-to-day passion is providing guidance and direction to the 3,200 REALTORS who look to her for support. Michelle brings a higher level of enthusiasm for finding innovative ways to motivate and simplify a REALTORS day-to-day tasks to be successful. Michelle takes great pride in mentoring and matchmaking new agents with experienced agents as part of heading up the mentor program at LoKation. Leadership is being cognizant of one’s strengths and weaknesses and matching them with someone to complement such weaknesses thereby cultivating personal growth.
Ms. Richardson brings a diverse background coming from Vancouver Island, BC in Canada prior to living in Seattle in route to South Florida. Upon her arrival in South Florida, Michelle fell into Real Estate finding a passion for helping others achieve the American Dream of homeownership. Throughout her career, this passion for helping others has evolved from helping customers to helping REALTORS serve its own customers. She lives by the motto “I can find success by helping others succeed.”



  • 2015 Fort Lauderdale MLS Committee
  • 2020 Professional Development Committee
  • 2020 Local Association Forms Committee
  • 2021 Grievance Committee
  • 2021 Leadership Academy
  • 2022 Grievance 2nd Year
  • 2022 FR Director Member
  • 2022 FR Convention Committee
  • 2022 FR Fundraising Subcommittee
  • 2022 FR Realtor® Party Member Involvement Committee
  • 2022 Broward, Palm Beach St. Lucie Realtors® N. Broward Member
  • 2023 Grievance Committee
  • 2022 Broward, Palm Beach St. Lucie Realtors® N. Broward Vice Chair
  • 2023 FR Director Member

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